CMA Chairman’s Message from Rob Meza

Greetings fellow CMA Members! I hope all of you are having a great summer!

Well the last several months have been very busy at CMA. From the NACM Credit Congress in Orlando, to our name change in June, to our President Mike Mitchell’s entry into the media world by promoting CMA in print and radio, our Association could not be in better shape!

As a follow up to my previous letter, we as members need to continue to take special care and attention to our Association. Since this is our Association, one aspect that needs constant attention is new membership. This is vital to the continued success and viability of CMA. Good prospects are those companies in your industry, companies with whom you who exchange credit ratings, peers who are credit managers at non-member companies, credit references on your credit applications and customers who sell business to business. In addition to making our Association stronger, your referral will enter you into our Member Referral Program where you can receive a $25 Target Gift card for each one of your referrals that become a CMA member. So bring it on and let’s see what we can do together!

Also don’t forget that CMA’s Western Regional Credit Conference is just around the corner on October 14th thru the 16th in Las Vegas! We have a great program centered on “Credit Warriors Uniting” to “sharpen our weapons, testing your shields and sparring with the best in the credit field.” It’s a great program and a lot of time and effort has been made to bring in the best speakers to further your education and gain valuable networking contacts for you and your company. Please take the time to review the program and sign up as soon as you can. The registration is now open and you can go to to sign up!

Well this is it for now and I will to talk with you soon!