Greetings Fellow CMA Members

Rob_meza It is hard to believe that another year has passed and that we are well into 2009. As your newly elected Chairman of the Board for the 2009/2010 term I will be writing to you on a regular basis to bring you up to speed on what is happening at the Association and keeping you informed on the latest movements and successes within the Association. 

First of all at the annual meeting just recently concluded, we proudly announced our name change. After 125 years in existence we have changed our name to “Credit Management Association”. This name change denotes the ever changing world of credit and collections and better encompasses what we do as an Association. Even though our name has changed the great products and services remain the same! 

In addition to our name change we will continue our efforts to create visibility within the credit and general business community. To increase membership we as members must be aware of our need to improve upon our association. Yes this is our association, CMA (Credit Management Association), and since 1883 we have remained true to this concept. In light of this responsibility and ownership I challenge each of you to find ways in which we can bring in more members, expand upon our seminars and webinars, and challenge each other to be the best Credit Managers we can be. (Refer One member to CMA today)

Last but not least I want to recognize and thank Mary Lynn Jordan, our past chairman of the board for the 2008/2009 term, and for her dedication and guidance this past year. Mary Lynn did an excellent job in guiding the association through some very critical stages and I thank her for her leadership and for the number of years of service she has given to the board, and to this Association. I look forward to working with her as Councilor to the 2009/2010 board, and to myself as incoming chairman.

In conclusion thank you in advance for your support as incoming Chairman, as well as
your support of CMA, and in return of your support I am committed to providing the best
leadership I can offer to this Association and to you as members.

Rob Meza
CMA Chairman 2009-2010

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