anscers Continuous Address Updating & Company Merging

Today we added a new feature to the database of the system that will help to eliminate the entry of duplicate companies; continuous address updating and company merging.


Using a US Postal Service software anscers will standardize the addresses of all new companies added to the database. After the address is standardized anscers will look for any current records of that company at that address and if found merge those companies together. The process takes about a minute to complete for each added company.


For example if you are entering an RFI on a company that is new to the anscers system, after you add the new company and move to the next step in the RFI process anscers will be standardizing the address and looking to duplicates in the background. You might see the updates when you are completing the RFI process or on the RFI report in development.


This feature will make it harder for duplicate companies to be created in anscers, and will give all users the latest US Postal Service addresses for companies in the system.

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