Credit Warriors Unite at WRCC 2009

As we head into March, the effects of the recession are becoming more and more apparent.  As credit professionals, the performance of our job responsibilities has never been as critical as it is now.  The good news is we have the tools and support we need with CMA.   The annual WRCC is one of the most valuable educational and networking experiences you can have.

This years Western Region Credit Conference is entitled “Credit Warriors”.  A very appropriate theme considering the battles we are going through.  And during this time of bad news around every corner we turn, there is MORE good news!  The Golden Nugget has dropped the room rates for WRCC 2009 from $99.00 a night to $49.00 a night!  Scholarships will be open soon, so please note the dates, October 14th-16th and educate the decision makers as to the necessity to attend this year, more so than in years past.

As always, I want you to know that I want to hear your comments, concerns and compliments, so please feel free to contact me directly.

All my best,

Mary Lynn Jordan
714-544-2700 x239