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Thompson From their website: Thompson Building Materials was founded by Ken Thompson in 1962 in the (then) rural Southern California town of Tustin, approximately 35 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Thompson’s single cash-and-carry outlet has grown more than eightfold since then.

As the company grew so did its offerings. Demand increased and more and more square footage was dedicated to showcase the variety of building materials that builders, contractors, architects, designers and homeowners were requesting.

Thompson2 Hundreds of brick choices. Thousands of square feet of stone and miles of pavers to choose from. And, if that isn’t enough, Thompsons’ knowledgeable staff will find exactly what you need. With more than a million square feet of yard and retail space throughout the southland, rest assured, Thompsons has what you need.

Today, Thompson Building Materials pursuit of excellence remains an unremitting goal. Excellence when negotiating with manufacturers and quarries for building materials, and excellence in genuine respect and admiration for each and every Thompson customer.

Thompson Building Materials is the best building materials resource in Southern California for the designer, builder, contractor and homeowner. Come by today and see why we always say, “We supply your demand!”

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  1. all of the businesses that sell the construction equipment is being forced to raise their prices to cover their costs. This is hurting everyone else. What they do not realize is the more they raise the prices the less likely someone is going to purchase their supplies. We need to lower the costs so that we can all afford to buy and build homes to better the economy is a positive way

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