CMA New Member – Sea Recovery

SeaRecovery From their website: Sea Recovery has manufactured the most innovative and intuitive watermakers for the past 30 years. By incorporating a customer-first philosophy into out designs, the quality of our products ae never compromised. We believe that boaters deserve more from their watermakers. Dealing with confusing controls and maintenance should not be a concern. Our company strives to communicate to the heart of the leisure boater, by engineering systems that marries style with functionality, a formula that has made Sea Recovery the #1 watermaking brand among marine consumers and boatbuilders around the world.

Sea Recovery product water not only has superior taste than your regular tap, it's also safer than tap and bottled water. Both tap and bottled water have a great possibilty to be contaminated with pollutants and chemicals. With Sea Recovery product water, you can be sure that you are drinking and using safe clean water, free of toxic metals and chemicals. Best of all, with a Sea Recovery watermaker, you no longer have to be concerned with the amount of waste plastic bottles create.

Referred to CMA by Adrienne Murphy, CCE at Sandberg Furniture. Thanks Adrienne!

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