CMA’s Employee(s) Of The Year

On behalf of the Senior Management Team and the Operations Management Team, we would like to congratulate our Employee of the Year Team, Ana Gomez and Morena Ramirez. We presented each an award for $500, a Crystal Arch Tower Clock, and a plaque which will be displayed prominently in our Burbank office. 

This is the first time CMA has ever awarded a team Employee of the Year, and they were chosen in recognition of their outstanding performance, their positive attitude, and their willingness to perform any tasks required. In addition to the consistent and reliable work that they have performed for the Credit Information Services Department, they deserve special praise for their ability to work as part of a cohesive and effective team. Their colleagues expressed sincere gratitude for their efforts to produce quality and timely Group Meeting and Past Due Reports under unusually challenging circumstances caused by staff reductions and aggressive goals to grow trade data contributions and improve our trade group system. Their colleagues also praised them for excellent customer service skills, which has been critical to retaining credit group members and to the growth and success of CMA’s new trade data contribution program. For these and many other reasons, they are an important asset to credit group members and the Association as a whole, and we wanted you to know that they are regarded highly by staff and management. 

We know we can count on Ana and Morena to represent CMA in a professional, positive manner and feel they are an important member of the Association team. We appreciate the many years of hard work and dedication they have put forth, and believe that they set a great example to us all. We thank them for their commitment to the success of CMA, and we know they will continue to strive for excellence in serving our members and performing their duties on behalf of the Association.

Mike Mitchell

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