Three updates to

CMA has made some significant updates to anscers this weekend that will benefit users in several ways and prepare you for new anscers services we have planned.

Update #1

We have been soliciting full accounts receivable from anscers users and as a result of analyzing that data, updates had to be made to how we import trade lines. Many companies in Construction, Media and other industries track more than one account with a customer as a separate AR line with it's own account number. This could be because of different construction jobs, different advertisers, or tracking different product lines. Talking with anscers users we found it was important to see each account separately on a report. The updates we made this weekend allow this to happen using the account number on a tradeline.

As a result of this update you will now see multiple tradelines from the same company on certain subjects. These represent the multiple accounts that company has with the subject.

Entering your account number in anscers when you enter a tradeline is more important than ever. It will prepare you for services that are coming in the future and allow you to report the full relationship with a subject.

Please note: You may see true duplicates of tradelines if the account numbers were entered incorrectly. Account numbers are NOT required fields except for full AR imports. If you see duplications of the same tradeline please contact Customer Support and we will clean the data.

Update # 2

If you submit your full AR to anscers for import we are now cleansing all the address data using the USPS address guidelines before an import. This results in much better subject matching when data is imported.

Previous to this update AR imports would create many duplicate subjects because the addresses did not match. Now we cleanse all the anscers subject data and the addresses on the AR we import resulting in better matches.

Imported AR data must also meet validity requirements before it is entered into the database. Those are:

  • Full subject address data – address, city, state, zip
  • Account Balance and aging must total +-$5 for rounding
  • If there is no account balance then the tradeline must have 2 or more of the following: Year Open, Last Sold (within 18 months), Terms, High Credit, or Comment Code

Tradelines that do not meet this criteria are not imported into anscers. If you are a full AR contributor you don't need to worry about filtering your AR for validity, anscers will do that for you.

Update # 3

CMA has automated a great portion of the AR import procedure making it very easy for us to take on new AR contributors.

If you would like to become a full AR contributor please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361. There are many benefits to contributing your full AR:

  • Matching RFI's will be answered automatically with your data
  • Matching Group Report requests will be answered automatically with your data
  • We can filter data to submit to Group Past Due Reports
  • You are building better anscers Business Credit Reports
  • You are prepared to take full benefit of future services to be announced

Please contact me direct if you have any questions or ideas for the anscers system, Dina Amadril 562-432-4807. Thank you for using anscers.

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