In Tough Times – Keep Your CMA Membership

One of my goals as Chairman this past 9 months has been to write a message for the monthly newsletter every month. This month is especially tough. The credit crisis continues to evolve and is now hitting us all closer to home. With layoffs and pay cuts and shortened work weeks, it’s becoming harder and harder to remain positive in the light of all the chaos. Quite frankly, I’m thankful I still have a job! 

With that said, budgets are being cut and companies are looking for ways to save money. I urge you to make sure your membership with CMA is not included in those cuts. An annual membership costs less than $2.00 a day, and it only takes one customer that you made the decision not to extend credit to, for you to recoup the money spent on your membership. Now more than ever, your ability to get information that you can depend on, in order to make quick and sound credit decisions has never been needed more. 

Your membership with CMA gives you these tools, make sure they are not taken away. 

I personally want to hear from you with your questions or concerns with regards to your membership. If I can’t answer them, I will direct you to the person who can. CMA is here to support us through these times, so take advantage of all they can offer. 

All my best, 
Mary Lynn Jordan
714-544-2700 x239

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