CMA New Member – The Nunes Company Inc.

From their website: The Nunes Company, Inc. is a private, family-owned, international marketing organization that represents farmers growing a full line of quality vegetables in the fertile fields of California and Arizona.

We pride ourselves as a company that is progressive in our methods and conservative in our practices. The Nunes Company is a recognized leader in advanced technologies which help our growers to minimize water waste and pesticide use. We maintain facilities under our control that manage efficiently the shipping and cooling processes.

As established leaders in the American produce industry, we continue to pioneer industry efforts toward the safest possible produce and strongly support Federal and State regulations which protect the nations supply of fresh produce. With the Foxy and Tubby brand names, we market healthy, nutritious vegetables that have been continuously checked for food safety.

From the Salinas Valley, as well as from our fields in the abundant Yuma, Imperial, Oxnard and San Joaquin Valleys, we bring the world produce of exceptional quality that is a testament to the rich land from which it is grown, and to the care with which it is tended.

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