Take Your Lunch, Please

As companies tighten their budgets and curtail hiring, employees may be asked to take on more responsibilities. This can come with sacrifices, including a shortened lunch hour. According to a Robert Half survey, executives polled said their average lunch break is 35 minutes, seven minutes less than what they reported five years ago. Taking that mid-day break is important because it allows you to recharge and renew your creative juices.

Here are some tips for keeping your lunch break.

  • Plan your day. Schedule your break to fall between projects, if possible, and set morning deadlines for important tasks so you can relax over lunch.
  • Schedule lunch with colleagues. During a busy period, change a team meeting to a working lunch outside the office. The time away will improve your energy while maintaining productivity.
  • Book an appointment. Block off your online calendar so coworkers don’t schedule calls or meetings during that time. Be flexible, though, if there are no other options.
  • Step away from the desk. If you are unable to leave your building for lunch, take a walk around the office. If possible, eat in the lunch room or break area with colleagues.
  • Put work aside. If you have to be near your computer or phone, face your chair away and do a nonwork activity, such as reading a newspaper or magazine.

Source: Robert Half – workvine.com

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