Membership ROI and Participation

As the year is drawing to a close, it certainly isn’t slowing down!  With the credit crisis which surrounds us all in one form or another, our need for good solid credit information is imperative.  As a long time member of CMA, I look at my “ROI”; return on investment, with regards to our membership. I’ve saved at least 10 times that amount of my annual CMA membership this past year by attending trade group meetings and being able to avoid the risky accounts!  The networking at the trade group meetings allows me immediate access to other credit professionals in my industry.  I can pick up the phone or send a quick email and know that the relationship and trust that has been developed will allow that person to share valuable information with me.  For those of you not in a trade group, please call Terry Camps at 818-972-5361 and let her know you are interested in forming a new trade group and CMA will do their best to make that happen.

Trade groups are only one part of the many services that CMA offers.  Please check out the website at and while you’re at it, check out “anscers” at  There is a lot of great information and services available to members and non-members alike.

On a slightly different note, CMA will be looking for those individuals who would like to be more involved with the association and serve on the board this next fiscal year starting in May 2009.  You will be seeing information regarding this process and I encourage you to consider getting involved.  The board is made up of association members from large and small companies alike, covering many diverse industries.   My experience on the board these last six years has been very rewarding and educational and I encourage you to get involved!

Happy Holidays to you and may the New Year be a prosperous one for us all!

Mary Lynn Jordan
CMA Board Chairman

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