Heidi Scott, Scholarship Winner Letter of Thanks

I attended the Western Region Credit Conference October 15-17th and had a blast.  Other than losing a little bit of money at the slot machines the conference was great.  I’ve only been a credit manager for three years and know I still have a lot to learn so going to the conference and connecting with other credit professionals as well as taking some great classes was very rewarding.

I found the classes on financial statement analysis to be very interesting.  I thought the classes would be a good refresher on things I learned in accounting and business classes in grad school, but I actually learned a lot of new things and the teacher made what can be a very boring subject funny and interesting. 

I also really liked the credit law class not only for the content, but because during the class a number of attendees shared personal experiences they’ve had with collections and credit law.  It’s nice to know others are having the same problems I am and it’s useful to find out what strategies other people use to handle them.

Lastly, I appreciated the chance to meet other credit professionals at mealtimes and at the pajama party (this group knows how to have fun!)  Being the sole credit manager at my organization I don’t have a chance to talk to my peers about my credit issues, but the meals provided a great chance to chat.  I found out that many of the attendees come year after year and have made some great friends.  I hope to do the same in the coming years.

Thank you again for allowing me this great experience and for showing me what a great network of credit professionals is out there.

Kind Regards,
Heidi Scott
Credit Manager
Pacific States Industries

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