CMA New Member – Incase

From their website: Incase: a better experience through good design.

Simplicity, Efficiency, and Agility: through a relentless commitment to design, Incase creates innovative products that provide people with an uncompromising, elevated experience— one that exceeds expectation while raising industry standards. Our customers want the best built solutions for housing their products; design and durability that lasts. Not a lot of clutter, not a lot of flash; our products don’t interfere with the user experience— they enhance it.

Protection, Organization, and Mobility: by immersing ourselves in the communities we serve, we create the highest quality carrying solutions in all Apple® product categories and for all situations. Our constant aim is to rise above conventions. We look to musicians, athletes, industrial designers, artists, and mavericks across the cultural landscape to help us create our consumer products. Talking with the experts is a means to an end, the end being providing people with a better experience through good design.

Authenticity, Innovation, and Integrity: Incase is driven by a passion for design and high quality craftsmanship. We make no compromises when rigorously designing, testing, and marketing our family of products. In effort to serve the Apple consumer and remain the industry leader, we’re constantly challenging ourselves, taking nothing for granted, and in the process producing unparalleled carrying solutions. No matter how you define your interests, your profession, or your passions, our business is protecting your assets.

Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation: this is the backbone of the Incase product development process. Our industrial designers employ exacting design protocols that ensure our products constantly evolve to suit the needs of emerging markets and an increasingly broad variety of Apple product experiences. Utilizing advanced construction techniques and innovative materials, Incase products offer a combination of intuitive functionality, elevated design, superior protection, and ease of use.

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