CMA New Member – Form Factor

From their website: A global leader in advanced wafer probe card technology and design, FormFactor is a mission critical supplier to top chipmakers, enabling them to bring next-generation devices to market. Its aggressive investment in 3D MEMS development and production puts FormFactor among the top 10 global MEMS manufacturers, where the company is further distinguished by innovation that is transforming and reducing the overall cost of semiconductor test.

FormFactor was founded in 1993 with a vision of integrating the semiconductor front end and back end into a single, seamless process. Today, FormFactor offers a portfolio of wafer test solutions for established and emerging semiconductor test applications.

The company's proprietary technologies gives customers the ability to increase test yield, lower the overall cost of test, and gain early process and product insights to accelerate their technical roadmaps. FormFactor combines 3D MEMS-based MicroSpring® probe technologies in high-performance wafer probe cards that surpass the limitations of conventional test devices with industry-leading precision, low contact force and massively high parallelism. A range of fully integrated test options are available through FormFactor's strategic industry relationships.

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