The Nature of Our Credit Conference

If you were not able to attend the 21st annual Western Region Credit Conference that was held last month in Las Vegas, then you really missed out on something very special!  With the credit crisis we are facing as a nation and a world, our jobs as credit professionals has become even more challenging.  The sessions and speakers at this year’s conference addressed real issues that we are all facing.  Attendance was up over last year which tells me that management is seeing the importance of the credit function in their businesses, and how education and networking plays such an important role in that function.

I want to give special recognition to Jodi Owens, who, along with many other CMA staffers, is responsible for putting on WRCC each year.  Jodi, once again you have done a superb job in putting together an outstanding credit conference!  Thank you for your hard work and efforts to make this conference such a success.  This was only the 2nd conference I have attended and I will never miss another one!  Speaking of which, please mark your calendars for next years WRCC which will be held in Las Vegas at the Golden Nuggett, October 14th-16th.  Do what you need to do now to get it approved so you can attend.  Also, keep in mind there are scholarships available as well!

Kind regards,

Mary Lynn

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