WRCC Opening Session – Review

Barry_maherBarry Maher, our opening session speaker, had us jumping up and down to increase energy and then he unloaded with lots of great tips for changing our perception and the perception of others.

Barry is the author of "Filling the Glass" and many other books. His point "There are people who see the glass as half empty or half full and then there are those who want to know what to do to fill it up."

Some Barry pointers:

– You need to provide the proper incentive to achieve your outcome. He asked us to jump with excitement – we were pretty lame. Then he said $50 to the most enthusiastic person and people rocked the floor.


– Show them the benefit of taking the action you want. If you pay me today, I will stop calling.

– Potential negatives have positives within them. Barry told a story of Clive "The Unemployable" who sold the fact that no would would hire him as the reason why a company with high turnover should hire him.

– Always make Opening_audience_2people feel important

– Show people the visions you have for what they can become

– It is never to late to be what you might have been.

– When negotiating bring out that aspect of yourself that is like the person you are dealing with – mirroring their voice, energy etc.

Thanks again to Barry for an exciting and energizing opening session. I should have jumped higher so I could win that $50 bucks.

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