CMA New Member – Shanahan’s

From their website: Shanahan’s Manufacturing Limited, established in 1928, is a manufacturer and distributor of construction specialty products throughout Canada and the United States. Shanahan’s got it’s roots as a distributor of chemical products in Vancouver, British Columbia, and as time passed, it began to expand its base to include some construction specialty requirements. As a distributor, the company continued to grow and flourish and the number of product lines continued to expand. The construction specialties division soon outgrew the chemical division (which was eventually discontinued) and Shanahan’s began to manufacture some of their own toilet partitions out of a small shop in Calgary, Alberta. 

The venture into a manufacturing company was very successful, and Shanahan’s customers received the benefit of receiving their orders in a much more timely manner, as now Shanahan’s had the ability to produce their requirements. Locker manufacturing was the next project, and soon after this was developed,  hollow metal door and frame manufacturing followed.

Today, our head office is in Surrey, British Columbia and we have branch offices in every major city in western Canada. Shanahan’s is the largest construction specialty company in Canada and carries over 50 different product lines. Shanahan’s Manufacturing Limited in Calgary, Alberta is our manufacturing facility where we manufacture lockers, toilet partitions, boot racks, whiteboards and chalkboards and hollow metal doors and frames. Our facility is 108,000 square feet and it operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure products are manufactured on time for our many valued customers. Throughout eastern Canada and the United States, our manufactured products are handled through regional distributors.

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