FDIC says bank profits have fallen by 86 percent

U.S. banking industry profits plunged by 86 percent in the second quarter and the number of troubled banks jumped to the highest level in about five years, as slumps in the housing and credit markets continued. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data released Tuesday show federally-insured banks and savings institutions earned $5 billion in the April-June period, down from $36.8 billion a year earlier. The roughly 8,500 banks and thrifts also set aside a record $50.2 billion to cover losses from soured mortgages and other loans in the second quarter. The FDIC said 117 banks and thrifts were considered to be in trouble in the second quarter, up from 90 in the prior quarter and the biggest tally since mid-2003. "By any yardstick, it was another rough quarter for bank earnings," FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair said in a statement.

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