Chairmans Message from Mary Lynn Jordan

August is here and we are on the downhill side of 2008!  A specific goal of our board of directors was to meet with a trade group outside of our own industry, not only to meet other members of CMA, but to also give more visibility of the board to its members.  This past month, I had the pleasure of attending the trade group meeting for the Electric Group.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and in all the years I’ve been a member of CMA, I’ve never attended a different trade group meeting.  It was very interesting to see how they ran their meeting.  What I learned is that every trade group is different, and as time passes, groups adjust to the needs of its members.  I encourage all of you to give input to your own groups as to what will benefit the group as a whole.  Take an active role in giving your input and make your trade groups the best they can be.

I would like to encourage all the members of CMA trade groups to submit their trade data electronically if at all possible.  It takes me less than 60 seconds to submit my monthly trade data, and I submit my whole open accounts receivable.  The more each member contributes, the more benefits the whole trade group will gain.  It seems like a big hurdle, but I can assure you, the process is simple, quick and easy!  Once it is set up, you will be able to submit your whole A/R in seconds.  Please make a goal of getting this set up with your company and CMA.  They are ready willing and able to help you in this process and I can guarantee that you will reap the benefits of your efforts.

All my best,

Mary Lynn Jordan

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