CMA New Member – Super D

From their website: Just like you and your customers, we’re really into movies and music. It’s not just a casual pursuit for us, it’s a passion. We’re nuts about actors, the roles they play and the stories they tell. And we’re hip to bands and the tunes they play.

Super D is the only worldwide one-stop DVD movie CD music distributor that consolidates all of the products and information from the movie studios and record labels in one place. We help retailers and wholesalers streamline their purchasing and reduce their costs by saving time. Super D provides superior service, the world’s best movie and music selection, and advanced technology to support your needs.

As a DVD movie and CD music distributor, Super D stocks all DVDs and CDs from the United States and 24 other countries in one warehouse. In addition to more than 230,000 SKUs of US product in stock, we are the largest DVD and CD importer in the United States. This gives you the opportunity to have a true worldwide one-stop at your fingertips to simplify your purchasing through a single source.

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