CMA New Member – ORCO Construction Supply

From their website:

Founded in 1957, ORCO Construction Supply is the number one independent supplier
to construction professionals in California, Arizona and Nevada.

We’ve thrived for over 50 years in this industry because we know that service
is incredibly important when you purchase building supplies. That’s why we
foster a tenacious spirit of customer service throughout our company — from the
sales representatives that visit your jobsite, to the showroom and warehouse
people you interact with when you stop by our branch locations, to the friendly
voice on the phone when you call our corporate headquarters.

At ORCO, service always matters, and we set out to demonstrate this to you
every day. No request or problem is too big, or too small. No matter what your
challenge is, we say “Bring It On.” We will always do everything in our power to
help you get the job done.

Throughout the tough times that many companies in our industry have faced
over the last couple of years, ORCO has prudently and proactively responded in a
way to remain healthy and strong – just as we have been for the last 50 plus
years. We have every intention of participating in these markets for the next 50
years as well.

As your trusted supplier for building materials, I commit to you that we will
do whatever it takes to provide your business with construction supplies and the
highest level of customer service the industry has to offer.

Whatever you need to get the job done… Bring It On!

Peter Alexander

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