Michael Dennis reaches 1000 posts on anscers Community

Today is a milestone day for the anscers Community, Super Mentor – Michael Dennis has posted his 1000th post this morning.

Here is what Michael had to say:

"It took almost seven years,
but this is my 1,000th post on the anscers Community Bulletin Board. It has been
an interesting experience for me. I think I have learned as much as I have
shared with other participants. This Bulletin Board is a unique and valuable
tool for the commercial credit community. My hope is that many more people will
take advantage of this resource, especially as employers continue to ask credit
professionals to do things faster, smarter and better."

CMA and anscers Community would like to thank Michael for his dedication and commitment to
the members of the Community.

A special thanks to all the other "SUPER
MENTORS" on the Community board – you have made this the best place to come for
answers to credit questions.

There are 1076 members of anscers Community posting and answering questions related to business credit, if you are not already signed up – visit today and get involved.

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