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One of the greatest challenges on anscers is identifying duplicate subjects. Since anscers accepts data from many sources (the online user, A/R contributions, fax contributions) duplicate subjects are easily created using different spelling of a company name, street abbreviation, or missing suite numbers. Too many duplicates create confusing search results and the need to view multiple anscers Business Credit Reports to see the full payment history.

Here is our plan to remove the duplicates in the next few weeks:

We have invested in US Postal Service (USPS) software that standardizes all addresses in our database. This week, we processed over 710,000 subjects through the address standardization program. Using address standardization alone we identified over 300,000 duplicate subjects.

Our next steps are:

•    Updating all subject records with the USPS standardized addresses. Since all addresses will be standardized there may appear to be more duplicates on anscers because all the addresses will be the same. At this point we will not have run the match and merge process, but that is next.
•    Match and Merge all duplicate subjects. This means all contacts, tradelines, Alerts, RFI’s etc. that existed on duplicate subjects will be merged into a single subject.

This process will result in a great reduction of duplicate subjects in anscers. Look forward to super clean search results and data packed anscers Business Credit Reports once we are done.

As always, we thank you for your patience during this process.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Dina Amadril at 562-432-4807 or email

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