Does Working Remotely Make You Uneasy?

Working outside of the office may not be all it’s cracked up to be. According to
a recent survey developed by Robert Half, 48 percent of workers polled said
their jobs would be more difficult if they worked in a different office as their
supervisors. If you work remotely, consider these tips to stay connected with
managers and colleagues:

  • Provide frequent status reports.
    Establish a schedule for giving updates to your supervisor so he or she is aware
    of your workload. At a minimum, offer a weekly status report detailing tasks
    completed and in progress.
  • Pick up the phone. While e-mail
    is an effective communication method, using the telephone can sometimes be more
    efficient and help strengthen ties with your manager and coworkers.
  • Highlight your accomplishments.
    When you don’t see your supervisor regularly, tooting your own horn becomes even
    more important to get proper credit for your achievements.
  • Meet face to face. Take
    advantage of all opportunities to meet in person with your manager and
    colleagues. Face-to-face discussions are imperative to stay connected, avoid
    miscommunication, and ensure you stay top of mind for desirable projects and

Source: Robert Half –

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