Average Days to Pay – New Tradeline Measurement on anscers.com

CMA launched anscers.com with the tradeline measurement Days Beyond Terms (DBT) as an option on each tradeline. A DBT measurement tells you, on average, how many days beyond terms a customer pays.

The DBT measurement sparked conversation among anscers users, some claiming this measurement was the best to use, others suggested the use of Average Days to Pay (ADP). We surveyed users and found the split about 50/50 at the time.

Now that anscers is accepting full accounts receivable contributions we find a lot more customers using the ADP measurement and the data in the DBT field is misleading. ADP measures how many days to pay from the date of the invoice, DBT measurement starts on the invoice due date.

Since full accounts receivable contributions are the focus of anscers and key to building a substantial database, CMA has made a decision to change the tradeline measurement from DBT to ADP on anscers.com.

To accomplish this:

1.    All data that currently exists in the DBT fields will be removed from the anscers database.
2.    The DBT field will be changed to ADP on all anscers screens and group worksheets.
3.    Starting in May 2008 full accounts receivable contributors that include ADP or DSO (a similar measurement) will be added to the anscers database.

Our goal is to have this completed by April 28, 2008, and we will keep anscers users informed of our progress.

For those who prefer to view DBT calculation, there is still a way to make the new ADP data work for you. Simply take the ADP on a company subtract your terms and that will give you a DBT estimate according to your terms (ADP 54 minus your terms of 30 = 24 Days Beyond Terms).

If you would like to contribute your full accounts receivable to anscers.com please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361 or tcampos@creditservices.org.

For any concerns or questions please contact Customer Service at 818-972-5332.

Thank you for using anscers.com!