CMA New Member – West Coast Drywall & Paint

From their website: In 1978, a journeyman painter named Mark Herbert founded West Coast Painting.
Mark began by painting custom homes, and within a year was contracted to paint a
couple housing tracts. By 1985, West Coast Painting had grown into a large
painting company, employing up to 80 painters. While the late 80s and early 90s
brought recession and ruin to competitors, Mark’s company was able to weather
the storm and emerge as one of southern California’s largest painting
contractors. Today, West Coast Painting employs hundreds of paint specialists
and is a leader in tract home painting.

In 2003, West Coast Painting purchased Team Drywall and Dave Hopkins Drywall,
two well known and respected drywall companies, creating one of the largest
painting and drywall companies in Southern California. With that merging of
talent, we have been able to successfully build on and improve our processes,
making our quality and effeciency second to none.

The drywall company, newly minted West Coast Drywall and Paint, has continued
its 25+ year history of providing great solutions to the construction industry’s
drywalling needs. An example of this is the inception of our innovative
waterless drywall system, which elimates the potential water damage and mold
problems that had been an inherent risk in the drywall industry.

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