Equifax to Enter Russia

Equifax Inc. (NYSE: EFX) a global
leader in information solutions, announced today it has agreed to acquire a 28
percent equity stake in Global Payments Credit Services LLC (GPCS), a leading
credit information company in Russia, from Global Payments Europe, s.r.o., a
subsidiary of Global Payments Inc. (NYSE:GPN), and Home Credit and Finance Bank
of Russia (Home Credit). 

Pending regulatory approval, Equifax will re-brand the
company and assume responsibility for its operations.  Based on meeting certain
conditions in the Shareholder Agreement, Equifax will have the ability to
acquire up to 50 percent, the current legal limit for any owner.

Equifax’s plans for Russia reflect its execution against
the company’s stated strategy to expand into the four targeted geographies of
India, Russia, China and Mexico, where the company can leverage technology, data
assets and analytics to help customers make critical business decisions in
growing markets.  Equifax today operates in 14 countries in North America, Latin
America and Europe, and recently announced its intent to enter India pending
regulatory approvals.

Global Payments Europe and Home Credit have operated
GPCS as a joint venture since acquiring the company in 2005.  Global Payments
Europe is the leading provider of cashless payment services for corporate
clients in the Czech Republic and also provides services to clients in Central
and Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation.  Home Credit is the market leader
in consumer finance in the Russian Federation and is committed to continue
investing in its expansion in Russia by building new regional branches, bringing
modern loan products and providing superb service to its customers.  It is a
subsidiary of Home Credit B.V., a Netherlands based holding company.

“The growth in credit in the Russian economy provides a
significant opportunity for Equifax to assist Russian financial institutions
seeking a competitive advantage from credit information, analytics and value
added services,” said Trey Loughran, Senior Vice President, Corporate
Development, for Equifax.  “We are thrilled to be working with Global Payments
Europe and Home Credit, established leaders in the Russia market with a
considerable amount of experience and understanding of the Russian credit
economy.  We fully expect that the combination of expertise from these
established leaders and Equifax will allow Equifax Russia to be the leading
provider of credit information solutions in Russia.”

In just three years, GPCS has built a database to
include nearly 20 million records on over 14 million individuals from more than
50 data providers under contract.  This makes GPCS a leading credit bureau in
Russia, according to the Central Catalog of Credit Histories, the regulator of
credit bureaus for the Russian Federation.  Russia’s thriving economy has
resulted in a fast-growing credit market – from mortgages and auto loans to
express loans.  The Russian household lending market grew 75 percent in 2006
alone, to approximately US$32.5 billion.  Retail lending as a percentage of GDP
is 8 percent, versus approximately 100 percent in the United States and 50
percent in Germany, indicating a significant potential for future credit
growth.  Russia’s middle class has expanded considerably as monthly wages have
doubled in the last three years and annual economic growth has hovered near 7
percent since 1999.  Recent legislation requiring Russian financial institutions
to share data with at least one credit bureau has accelerated the credit
information market in Russia and has allowed independent credit bureaus like
GPCS to develop larger and more accurate data sets.

“We have managed to build a credit bureau with the
largest database in Russia in just a few short years,” said Stanislav Coufal,
Chairman of the Board for GPCS.  “We believe that our strong market position
will be reinforced by our new partnership with Equifax.  Combining our large,
high quality database with Equifax’s technologies should make for a winning
combination.  We are looking forward to not only solidifying our leading credit
bureau position, but also to accelerating its growth.”

Pavel Vyhnalek, the Group Chief Risk Officer for the
Home Credit Group commented, “As Russia builds one of the world’s strongest
economies, Home Credit as well as other lenders depend on a comprehensive and
reliable credit reporting system to meet a skyrocketing appetite of individuals
and families to purchase consumer goods and to keep loan portfolios within the
targeted risk profile. In order to widen its recent customer base, Home Credit
needs to partner with a strong, experienced and flexible provider of reliable
credit assessment and customer verification that allows the bank to offer
various lending products, including credit cards, across different consumer
segments in Russia.  As the world’s leading credit reporting company, Equifax
brings the necessary products, technologies and experience to build upon the
foundation we created.”

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