WRCC Speaker Eddy Sumar – New Book

Eddy Sumar, speaker at this years Western Region Credit Conference, has just released a new book "A Treasure Hunt With Otis"

"A Treasure Hunt With Otis introduces an optimistic approach to some of the
weightier philosophical thoughts about life. In every place, with every
experience, there are lessons that can be found and applied in order to gain
insight and wisdom. Otis will accompany you through five journeys that speak to
five different concepts a person encounters along the way during the journey
called life. His wisdom is acquired from a compilation of many diverse thoughts,
feelings, and experiences from people he met along the way. Some of the wisdom
he acquired came to him through their writings, and some through his own
interactions and personal dealings with them. Either way, Otis is happy to share
what he has learned in the hopes that he will leave his mark on a better

Click here to learn more or purchase.

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