Credit Congress Scholarship Winners – Feedback

In an email to Jodi Owens, CMA Northern California Chapter Manager, Education Director


I am absolutely delighted with the way things turned out and  I really thank
you for suggesting I do it.  I definitely wanted to go and now I can,
thanks to CMA.   I have been with CMA, NACM, since 1976, so this is
wonderful.  I really do believe in the education and  have learned so much
and have tried to mentor my associates, one of whom is a Credit Manager now.
I have always stressed the education, knowledge, trade groups and resources
I have been able to use from NACM’ classes, seminars and especially the
Credit Congresses. I have also used it for employment, three previous jobs
came through Credit Jobs Today, so that has also helped. Thank you for

One thing I have always been frustrated over though, is that NACM, CMA, etc.
have never been able to come up with a college curriculum to get a true
degree in Credit Management.  I would like to see that happen in my
lifetime.  I think you would have more Credit Managers that wanted to be
Credit Managers and not choosing this path rather than another because of
convenience.  Please use whatever you want for the Daily Blog.

Ms. Dusty Stark,
Western Regional Credit Manager

Marmon/ Keystone

A Century of Service

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