Laugh Your Way up the Corporate Ladder

A good sense of humor can be a professional catalyst. How? Here are a few ways
levity can help your career:

  • People enjoy working with you.
    Using humor is one of the best ways to enhance your relationships with others.
    Working with someone whos fun to be around
    feels good and tends to make the day go by more quickly. When people enjoy
    themselves, it builds rapport and camaraderie among team members.
  • You think more creatively.
    Comedians are observant and look at the world a little differently than most,
    seeing things a lot of people overlook. This allows them to see humor in
    everyday items and situations. If you exhibit a good sense of humor, its likely you’re fairly creative, are able to approach
    challenges from different angles and have an open mind.
  • You help relieve stress.
    Youve probably heard the phraseLaughter is the best medicine.
    This advice is especially true on the job as well. The workplace gets stressful,
    and humor is very effective at relieving that tension. If you are able to feel
    at ease during pressure-filled situations, youre more likely to work through the task at hand in an
    efficient manner and help others who are frustrated by the challenge overcome

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