Industry Day Sessions at NACM Credit Congress

Monday, May 19, 2:00–5:00pm

Industry day sessions are designed for attendees to gather and network by
like industries. Please note that these are not “closed” group meetings (unless
indicated) and anyone is welcome to attend any of these sessions, should the
topic/speaker be of interest.

10621. Advertising/Media
10622. Agri-Business
10623. Apparel/Footwear
10624. Building/Construction
10625. Drugs/Cosmetics/Pharmaceuticals
10626. Electrical Wholesalers & Distributors
10627. Food
10628. International
10629. Metals
10631. Publishing
10632. Wholesale/Distribution

10619. International Utilities Group Meeting
will be held 1:15-5:00pm. This is a closed meeting for those involved in the
International Utilities Group.

Please note that Industry Day topics and speakers are subject to change based
on circumstances beyond NACM’s control. You may check the NACM
for updates. Also, some Industry Day groups may opt to attend the
Executive Forum rather than holding a separate group meeting.

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