ACM Introduces e-mmediate electronic payments – Webinar

e-mmediate is a blended product of ACH and check guarantee in a one step process. This 45 minute webinar discusses how to facilitate electronic payments “e-mmediately” for deposit directly into your DDA account within 2 business days, and those payments are guaranteed. No worries about NSF’s; the process works like credit card transactions for only a fraction of the cost (30-40% less). Join us for this free webinar and learn how “e-mmediate” can give you the tools to increase your sales and reduce credit card processing fees. This webinar is a continuation of the series previously conducted in conjunction with our Affiliate Partner; Fifth Third Processing Solutions (FTPS) entitled "Managing Down the Cost of Credit Card Acceptance."

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Benefits of Using e-mmediate:
·  Guarantee your payments at 30-40% less cost than credit cards
·  Eliminate returned checks (NSF, Account Closed, etc.)
·  Eliminate check guarantee warranty violations
·  Eliminate check guarantee reimbursement delays
·  Eliminate internal tracking or accounting of NSFs
·  ACM web-based — No software to buy
·  Flat rate cost — No interchange assessment fees
·  Two-business-day cash availability
·  Improved ability to get "paid"
·  Reduced DSOs
·  Improve A/R agings
·  Eliminate lengthy wait times (mail or bank)
·  Extended cut-off time for deposits 

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