Considering a Change?

You may be considering a job change now that the calendar
has turned to 2008. Before you start plowing through classified ads or
contacting people in your professional network, ask yourself a few

Is the grass really greener? If
you once were satisfied in your current job, what changed? Will the new position
be more fulfilling, or would you be better off trying to enhance your current
role so it includes more of the duties you enjoy?

Will you have room to grow? When
considering a new position, ask about advancement potential. If a career
dead-end is prompting your desire to make a change, you want to be sure you
dont end up in the same situation at a
different company in a year or two.

Have you done your homework? Is
the firm in good financial condition? Have you researched the industry and the
companys mission and values? Try to determine
if the new work environment will appeal to you.

Source: Robert Half

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