Debbie Mendoza, 2007 CMA Employee of the Year

Debbie Mendoza was chosen as Employee of the Year in recognition of her outstanding performance, her positive attitude, and her willingness to perform any task required. In addition to the consistent and reliable work that she has performed for the San Leandro office, the Education Department, and the MRA Program, she deserves special praise for her professional growth. Debbie’s colleagues recognized her taking on more responsibility these last few years, enhancing her abilities to assist more employees and more members with a wider range of issues. Her colleagues also praised her for her flawless administration of CMA’s many online education programs, which has been critical to the ongoing growth and success of CMA’s most important membership program. As for  customer service, it has been said that when people hear Debbie’s voice on the phone, they can see her friendly smile. For these and many other reasons, Debbie Mendoza is an important asset to the Northern California business community and the Association as a whole, and we wanted you to know that she is regarded highly by staff and management.

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