Cube Courtesy

While partitioned workspaces can increase opportunities for interaction with
coworkers, the simple truth is that cubicles lack privacy. Being sensitive to
this fact will be appreciated by your fellow cube dwellers and make your job
more satisfying.

Here are four tips for fostering respectful
relationships with coworkers and improving productivity when working in close
Before entering a colleagues work area, always knock gently on the side of the
entrance. This allows the individual to signal whether he or she can afford to
be disturbed at that moment. If you see your colleague on the phone, return
another time. If a matter is urgent, jot a note that youd like to speak with the person once the call is
Use your
‘library voice.’
In todays
deadline-driven workplace, people must be able to concentrate on completing
tasks without constant distractions. Whenever possible, use a quiet tone when
speaking to coworkers or on the phone so you dont disrupt others. 
Curb casual conversation. Socializing
in the office is a great way to build camaraderie with coworkers, but some
topics are just not appropriate for the workplace. Not everyone wants to know
about the strange blind date you had last night — and those who do shouldnt be trusted with the details! Its both unprofessional and unwise to spend more than a
few minutes talking about your personal life during office hours. 

Avoid cell phone faux
If you must leave your cell phone on during work hours, make sure
that its always with you and that the volume is
turned down or the phone is silenced altogether. And use a standard,
professional-sounding ringtone.


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