Most Valuable Worker

Want to be seen as one of your companys go-to employees? You can start
by always finishing your assignments on time and steering clear of office
politics, according to a recent Robert Half International survey. Forty percent
of the 150 senior executives we polled said that meeting deadlines is the most
important characteristic of a team player, while 25 percent thought avoiding
office politics was critical.

            Here are some tips for becoming
your work teams
most valuable player:

  • Be willing to adapt. Dont be surprised if duties or priorities shift over
    time, especially during different stages of a project. Be flexible in these
    situations to not only help the team remain on track but also set a good example
    for other members.
  • Take one for the
    . Dont
    play the blame game if something goes awry. Instead, focus on correcting the
    problem and moving forward. Your willingness to acknowledge mistakes when
    appropriate will encourage personal accountability in others.
  • Play fair. Give credit where it
    is due, and be generous in your praise. Be sure to thank unsung heroes who
    contribute to a projects success, especially
    because theres a good chance youll be working with them again.
  • Talk things out. Do your part to
    minimize office politics by engaging in open communication and fostering an
    atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.