CMA Launches Accounts Receivable Contribution Program

Members are the best source of industry-specific trade experience. In order for
you to have valuable, up-to-date credit information, CMA is launching an
association-wide Accounts Receivable Contribution Program.

should your company report full accounts receivable?

It’s convenient and saves

Contributors do not have to fill out Credit Group report forms. Even RFI responses
are handled automatically with the data provided in your A/R file.

It’s a good deal – CMA will give you a 20%
discount on your monthly billing for anscers Business Credit Reports and
NACM Western Region Credit Reports.

It’s easy and secure – Technology makes
contributing A/R data easy and secure. If you already contribute you’re A/R to
a credit reporting agency, just send a copy to CMA.

It’s good credit practice – Your contributions will
help fellow credit professionals make better credit decisions – and their
contributions will do the same for you.

your company would like to participate in CMA’s A/R Contribution Program,
please download our Fax Back Flyer.

encourage you to support your fellow Members by submitting your full accounts
receivable information. 


Mitchell, President and CEO

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