It’s the time of year to review potential write-offs

Not every company is of the size or type that needs to follow Sarbanes-Oxley rules of due-diligence for a write-off. If yours is, or you just want to be fully prepared consider sending your potential write-offs to CMA Collection Division. Third-party activity before a write-off helps fulfill Sarbanes-Oxleys rules for a write-off.

Place bad debts with CMA for immediate collection action. CMA will use our resources to trace skipped accounts and maximize the collection percentage. Every account collected reduces your year end write-off amount.

Download place_trace_collect.pdf

How it works:

  • Identify the accounts that are potential year-end bad debt write-offs.
  • Place them with CMA Collection Division using or Download place_trace_collect.pdf
    Place and your Trace is FREE!
  • CMA will Trace any skipped accounts, and look for assets on accounts with a judgment.
  • CMA will collect on as many accounts as possible. For those we can not collect, you will receive a closing report that satisfies the due diligence requirements for a write-off according to Sarbanes-Oxley.

Place, Trace, Collect is a win-win situation for you. Your account will be collected, or you will be protected by performing due diligence before claiming a write-off.

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