Congratulations!!! On a very successful WRCC


A very special thank you and congratulations to the CMA staff and all those that made this years Western Region Credit Conference a GREAT SUCCESS! 

Thanks to the hard work of Jodi Owens, Dina Amadril, Kim Lamberty and many others behind, and in front of the scenes, we had some great Key Note Speakers and session leaders that really gave us the added value that we look for at WRCC.  Thanks also to the volunteer workers that participated, and to the sponsors and exhibitors that gave us great support this year, and every year. 

Not only did we learn a lot but we had fun in the process.  Thanks to Raul Mendoza for heading up a great group of staff members, including our President, Mike Mitchell, himself, to put on a fun and entertaining, last night “PARTY GRAS”.  Contrary to rumors, that might be going around, yours truly did not win the dance off contest.  I’m fully convinced that aliens from outer space took control of my body and caused me to exhibit moves and gyrations that my body is not physically capable of doing, normally.  The following morning confirmed that.

The Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas provided a terrific venue and the rooms, service and food proved to be top quality.

If you missed it this year, you missed out on a very valuable part of being a member of this great association, and I hope you will start planning for next years Western Region Credit Conference.  It truly is worth the money spent.  So dig into that education budget and make it pay for itself.



Terry Harries
CMA Chairman of the Board, 2007 -2008