We have set the month of October to focus on attendance at Industry Credit Group meetings. Let’s see how many group members will attend your specific Industry Credit Group meeting(s) this month. 

I know there are many of you that have been letting the meetings slip by because you were “just too busy to get away” for that hour or two,  “someone has been out sick” or any number of other excuses that get easier and easier to make.  But this month we would like you to really make a concerted effort to make the meeting.  Not just to please us, at CMA, but for you and your company.  We would like everyone to remember what it’s like to have full participation in a group meeting, to be able see old friends that you haven’t seen for a while, and most importantly to hear the verbal information that you can only receive when you attend the meetings in person. 

I know many of you have stories of how you went to a meeting and heard some information that eventually helped you save some money for you company.  If you think about it, you only need one situation like that and it probably will pay for your membership many times over. 

Those of us that have been around for a few years (or decades) can remember when the industry credit groups and the value we received was the one thing the brought us to the dance, so to speak.  Well for me, and I know I’m not alone, that value hasn’t changed.  At almost every meeting, I get good information that I would not have gotten if I didn’t attend.  I think sometimes we forget that value or forget to look for it, and I would like to see what happens when we shoot for 100% turnout. 

I think everyone will be pleasantly reminded of the value of Industry Credit Group meetings.  So I have asked the Staff and Board Members to help bring awareness to the Industry Credit Groups in October and I hope all of you will join in the effort and attend this month. Let’s see what a difference the group meeting can make in your life as a Credit Professional.

I appreciate your effort,

Terry Harries
CMA Chairman of the Board 2007 – 2008

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