CMA New Member – Robbins Sport Floors

From their website: In the late 1890’s, when James Naismith was nailing up two peach baskets in
Springfield, Massachusetts, the Stoehr family founded the Cincinnati Floor
Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company developed a reputation for quality and
craftsmanship extending into the current century. The Stoehr family’s earliest
contribution to sports floor innovation began with the development of the
Cincinnati "All-Star®" portable basketball floor in the early 1950’s. The
All-Star® portable design was truly a product innovation that met the needs of
the newly-found National Basketball Association—and a first of many in the
Stoehr’s sports flooring history. In 1977, Jim Stoehr purchased the assets of
Robbins Inc. from Cook Industries of Memphis, Tennessee to continue the
manufacture of maple flooring for the sports and recreational industry
worldwide, carrying with them the legacy of their Portable Flooring Division
known today as the Robbins "All Star®."

The original Robbins Flooring
Company was founded by the Abendroth family of Rhinelander, Wisconsin in the
early 1920’s and operated the White Lake, WI and Ishpeming, MI plants to the
early 1960’s where it was sold to the E. L. Bruce Company of Memphis, Tennessee.
By the late 1960’s, the company’s assets were sold to Memphis-based, Cook
Industries as Bruce divested its holdings to numerous entities including
Triangle-Pacific, a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets.

Under the
leadership of four generations of the Stoehr family, both plants manufactured
random length strip maple and other maple flooring products. Along the way,
Robbins introduced to the industry a number of innovative products, including
Strip-Tite®—a patented "nailed-channel" design, Sportwood®, Bio-Cushion®,
Bio-Channel® and more recently Air-Channel Star®, Mach I®, and Bio-Channel LP®.

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