Meet New CBA Designee Leigh Ann Bounds

I have worked in the construction supply industry for 25 years, over 20 in Accounts
Receivable and Credit. In my current position as Credit Operations Manager, my
responsibilities include policies and procedures in support of all credit
department functions, as well as providing our department with the tools they
need to be as efficient as possible. Obviously, our memberships in CMA and NACM have been invaluable to us. I have been fortunate to work for
companies that value continuing education and development, and over the years I
have been curious about the designation program. Still I really had no idea
what I was getting myself into when we began this process, so after months of
study and stress I am truly proud of myself and my coworkers for achieving this
goal (read: mandatory requirement from our boss), and of our company for their
support and sponsorship.

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