August was a GOOD News Month

And a good September morning to you all.  Hopefully everyone had a good Holiday weekend over Labor Day and you are refreshed and ready to jump back into the work routine!!!  RIGHT!!!!!!!!!.  Is it just me or does a three day weekend go faster than the two days?  Sure feels like it to me.

Anyway, I heard through the grapevine that a lot of good stuff was happening around the Association in August.  It turned out to be a record month for growing in New Members. That is particularly great news as this was one of topics of planning, for this year, at the Think Tank Conference for the Board and Staff members of the Association.NACM is one of the oldest trade organizations around and since CMA Business Credit Services is the largest affiliate of NACM, we want to make sure we continue to provide services and tools and benefits that will attract new members.  I was told we had twenty (20) new members joining CMA in August.  That really is GOOD news and I hope you will all continue to help the association grow by telling everyone you know about our great association and the many benefits that are available.  This is particularly true for the Industry Trade Groups.  If you think about it the more members you have in your group meetings the more information will be available for everyone.  So if you know of a company that should be in your group and is not.  Don’t hesitate to contact them yourself and invite them to join or at least tell your group secretary and let them make the contact.

August was also good, in that all the work was put in place for the launch of the new “RFI for Everyone” on 9/4/07.  Now everyone can use the RFI program, even if you are not currently a member of a specific trade group.  Again the more information we receive into the Associations data base the better the reports and overall information will be. 

Don’t forget about all the other valuable services that are available to members.  Like the Collection Division, Construction Forms Filing, The Auction Services and Adjustment Bureau for those customers that are looking for alternatives to Bankruptcy. 

And finally, on the subject of Don’t Forget.  If you have not registered for the upcoming Western Region Credit Conference (WRCC) on October 17 – 19, your time is running out to get the best prices on rooms and registration.  This year promises to be one of the best.  It’s our 20th Anniversary and the Staff is working hard to make it even more enjoyable than usual, so don’t miss it.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable and prosperous September as well as the rest of 2007.


Terry D. Harries
CMA Chairman of the Board 2007 – 2008 

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