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From their website:     When SUNDEK was developed it was done under the company – Surface Decking Company. This corporation still exists today as the Los Angeles dealership. It is the testing grounds for all products or changes that come along. No change is given to a dealer until it has been extensively tested, either in Los Angeles or at specific test dealers under wide ranging climate conditions.

    In the late 70s the process was expanded further with the introduction of SUNDEK Masonry Effects. This was made possible by the development of a unique plastic template and a newly formulated finish coat that would break along the edges, allowing a clean neat line at all grout joints. SUNDEK now had unlimited design capabilities and the demand for the product increased dramatically.

    At this same time SUNDEK was also developed into the New Concrete Finish system, eliminating the need for a base coat on smooth newly poured concrete. This allowed us an economical and practical finish for new concrete with all the properties of a complete remodel system.

    In the early 80s it was decided to expand SUNDEK to the national level and set up a dealer program. It was set up on a unique approach giving each dealer an exclusive geographic area to market in. This allowed each dealer to sell and install the product with a careful eye to the quality necessary for good applications.

    Today SUNDEK and its dealer network stand alone, as the standard for the decking industry. SUNDEK’S success has generated many competitors, each reaching to equal the quality in our dealer program. We now have a large network of strong, quality conscious dealers, both in the United States and Internationally. Take a look at our Alliances page to see some of the other companies we’ve teamed up with.

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