Too Casual for Comfort?

While employees have embraced dress-down Fridays and
casual work environments, a recent survey suggests that workers might not want
to hang up their business suits just yet. Ninety-three percent of managers
polled by Robert Half International said a person
s style of dress at work influences his or
her chances of earning a promotion. So if you
re angling for the top spot, dress like
the person who
s in it. Here
are some additional tips for choosing the right workplace wardrobe:

  • Put your best foot forward. Keep your shoes polished and in
    good condition.
  • Get a brand-new bag. Invest in a quality briefcase,
    messenger bag or purse, since this item is visible and used daily.
  • Dont overdo it. Less is more when
    accessorizing. Steer clear of distracting jewelry or accoutrements. 
  • Keep scents subtle. People shouldnt catch a whiff of your perfume before they catch sight of
    you. You want to be known for your expertise, not your choice of fragrance.
  • Have a spare. Even on casual days, keep a jacket and extra
    hosiery handy. If you’re called into an important meeting or asked to greet a
    client, youll be prepared.

One thing to remember about dressing up for work: When you
look good, youll feel more confident. And that
confidence will be reflected in your performance, something your manager will be
sure to notice.

Source: Robert Half –