CMA New Member – Pinnacle Emergency Management

From their website: Pinnacle Emergency Management, Inc. has made the commitment to all of our preferred clients and customers that regardless of the size of loss, time of day, or what type of weather is upon us, we will respond to mitigate your damages immediately and cost effectively.

Our educated and trained Management, Supervisors and Technicians deliver superior workmanship with common sensed "Time Management" so that our customers and clients can resume their lives or business and maintain operations with as little interruption as possible.

Pinnacle Emergency Management (PEM) provides state of the art technology and education for our staff and yours.  PEM has the understanding and appreciation that if you call upon us with your emergencies and trust us with your programs, we are obligated to reciprocate in every way possible.  This includes providing seminars and education for your company and to your approved vendors.

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