WRCC Closing Session – There Are NO Limits

A spirited program filled with inspiring content and Danny’s unique humor.
Danny presents an unblinking look at non-productive habits, a technique for
working by priority, how to turn challenges into record breaking performance and
how to keep personal morale high. Using this system his team achieved an 800%
productivity increase in a five-year period.

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Danny Cox, Closing Keynote Speaker

Danny Cox is an "accelerationist", or one who causes faster movement, higher
efficiency and increased productivity.

He spent ten years flying supersonic all-weather fighters in the United
States Air Force. In addition to this he was a test pilot and air show pilot as
well as a speaker to civilian organizations in surrounding cities that were hard
hit by sonic booms. He was internationally known as The Sonic Boom

Upon leaving the Air Force he joined one of the nation’s largest sales
companies. A year later, he was promoted to sales manager and guided his office
in its industry-leading, record-breaking pace of doubling, tripling and
quadrupling old records. Four years after joining that corporation he was
promoted to First Vice President and assigned a district of eight offices and a
staff of over 140. By teaching the same sound leadership principles to the eight
branch managers that he had used, the company saw old records shattered. As
morale and productivity soared, percentage of employee turnover dropped to near
zero. In a five year period production increased over 800%.

Due to the increasing demands for innovative leadership and teamwork
techniques that work, Danny packed his bags and has hardly unpacked them since.
He is in great demand by companies and organizations nationally and

Highly acclaimed platform skills have earned Danny a place in the National
Speaker Association Speaker Hall of Fame, a designation for platform excellence
awarded to less than three per cent of the over 3200 member National Speakers
Association. Danny is also an elected member of the elite Speakers Roundtable, a
group of twenty of the most popular speakers in North America.

Now, one of America’s busiest speakers and author of several books, including
Leadership When the Heat’s On, Seize The Day: 7 Steps to Achieving the
Extraordinary in an Ordinary World and There Are No Limits: Breaking The
Barriers In Personal High Performance.

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