anscers Business Credit Report and RFI Information Sheet

anscers Business Credit Reports consist of tradelines and credit alerts added to the system through Groups, RFIs, and accounts receivable contributions.

Contents of the reports include:

1. The last 12 months of trade data

2. The last 12 months of credit alerts

3. Past inquiries on the subject in the last 12 months

The report price is determined by the number of tradelines on the report. For NACM Members the price is 0.99 a line, with a Cap price of $9.99. If the user is a member of a credit group, all lines from their group members are FREE. All credit alerts are FREE.
The anscers Business Credit Report price will be displayed on the Purchase Credit Report button:

anscers Request For Information (RFI) is a service that allows the user to obtain fresh information on a company. Users choose a company to RFI and then enter the references they want information from. If the user is a member of a group they can request data from their group, in addition to references. In many cases anscers will identify additional references the user can add to the RFI . The anscers references are:
• Companies who have inquired on the company in the past
• Companies who have tradelines older than 12 months

• Companies who have been identified as a reference in the past but have not responded with a tradeline

Pricing is determined by how many references respond with trade information. NACM Members are charged 0.99 a tradeline, no experience responses are FREE. Group and Network responses are FREE. For example; an anscers user submits an RFI with 6 references, 4 respond with tradelines 2 with no experience. The charge for that RFI would be $3.96 (4 x .99).

anscers User Billing Section

Click on My Account   to get to User Billing and see how many RFI’s and anscers Business Credit Reports you company has used each month.
The data is displayed on a monthly basis. RFI’s do not display in User Billing until they are expired.
The following image is a User Billing display. You can track your billing, review reports, and view RFI confirmation pages.


anscers Database stats:

• In the last 12 months anscers has collected over 673,000 tradelines and credit alerts on more than 172,000 companies.

• anscers has more than 500,000 subjects in our database.

• anscers has processed over 19,500 RFIs since June 2005.

• There are over 13,100 tradeline comments in the anscers system.

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