Meet New CCE Designee Nella Dickerson

Nella Dickerson, Assistant Credit Manager with Volt Information Sciences, Inc in Orange, CA, achieved her National Association of Credit Management CCE certification after months of intensive studying and preparation.  Nella has been with Volt for eight years, and has more than 15 years of industry experience overall.  Nella started with Volt in 1999 as a Credit Analyst and then moved up to Credit Supervisor where she managed Credit Analysts, Credit Representatives, and Short Pay Assistants.  Her hard work, dedication and business ethic were recognized and she was promoted to Assistant Credit Manager, overseeing Credit Department personnel. Her responsibilities include creating and implementing credit policies and procedures, ensuring that credit practices meet established guidelines for extension of company credit and defining credit approval limits.  She manages her department to assess credit risk for both new and existing customers and communicates risk exposure to management.  Prior to Volt she was a Fraud Analyst at Bancard Systems, where she reviewed over 500 merchant transactions daily to determine if merchants were using customer credit cards inappropriately or if they were violating Visa/MasterCard regulations.  This CCE certification complements her Six Sigma Green Belt Certification that she achieved in 2006.  The Six Sigma project that Nella worked on was to improve credit application cycle time.  Nella started the CCE process soon after she achieved her Six Sigma Green Belt, at the encouragement of Connie Cheak, NACM President for the South Central region.  “Volt’s strong commitment to education, coupled with the support I have received from my upper management, Terry Jordan and Andy Marquiss, enabled me to reach for this goal and attain it,” said Nella. 

Volt Services Group is a division of Volt Information Sciences, Inc. (VIS).  VIS is a diversified information services company, providing staffing services, state-of-the-art automated systems and database information, software and hardware integration, technical publications, logistics support, telecommunications and manufacturing services. In August 2002, Volt became the first staffing company to implement Six Sigma, the statistical methodology that measures a company’s operational performance, practices and systems to quantifiably anticipate and act upon trends.

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